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How Contest And Games Build Customer Loyalty & Grows Your Business?

  • Posted on February 21, 2023 by Robert
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Today’s customers have a lot of options and availability at their doorstep. Building customer loyalty has become a tough job for brands and businesses in this competitive business environment. Non-standard and unpredictable customer buying behaviors have also triggered the exploration of new ways to build competitive advantages.

In the past few years, the loyalty and rewards market has experienced significant growth in the demand and supply of products and services. In this view, loyalty-based contests and games have been recognized as the key to the company’s continued growth while building a loyal customer base. In this article, we will discuss how loyalty and reward platforms for businesses build customer loyalty as well as grow your business.

Why Contest And Games In Loyalty Programs Are Becoming More Important Than Ever?

Today, people are more focused on their expenses and want to save a maximum every time they make purchases. They care about their savings and conduct in-depth research on the offerings and rationalize their calculations on every shopping decision, especially when they have a lot of options. To sum up, brands and businesses are integrating the best business loyalty program to deliver various schemes, discounts, and promotions to follow up with customer points systems to offer them meaningful shopping benefits.

But today’s customers don’t stick to the businesses or brands that offer them simple discounts and promotions. If you want to build real relationships with your customers, then you need the best business loyalty program that includes games and contests to appeal daily engagement of audiences and deliver them favorable offers, and benefits while building their emotions as well as their wallets.

Games and contests drag audiences to your business platform and engage them in various games and contest activities other than shopping. Many brands and businesses across industries are investing in game and contest-based loyalty programs to take advantage of this solution. Thus, games and contests in your loyalty programs build emotional incentives and establish a relationship of trust and loyalty between the brand and consumers. That’s how customers identify the brand image, make more purchases, and promote it to other consumers.

How Games And Contest In Your Loyalty Program Builds Customer Loyalty?

Have you ever noticed that big brands and businesses always tie-ups with the game and superheroes to promote their product and services? Many use this to attract and engage the audience. Branded games and various contests engage the audience and help audiences to promote their products and services. Games and contests in the business platform allow the user to take part in various activities and earn rewards, discounts, vouchers, and points when they complete a level or win the game.

However, integrating a game and contest-based loyalty programs is not only restricted to big corporations. Small businesses and brands can also integrate game and contest-based loyalty programs to enhance the experience of excitement and fun in their business platform for the customers. Audiences easily get engaged and respond positively to mini-games and challenges.

Benefits Of Games And Contest In Your Loyalty Program

Contests and games add more advantages to your loyalty programs and engage your customers to collect rewards, coupons, and discount vouchers, and earn points when they win a game, take part in a contest, or complete a level. Let’s see the various advantages and benefits that it delivers to your business platform.

Increases Your Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is very crucial for businesses and brands to remain top-of-mind in this competitive market. Games and contests help you in building your brand and make audiences or customers more familiar with your business platform apart from shopping. When your customers become more familiar with your brand then they are more likely to remain loyal. The best business loyalty program adds an aspect of engagement and allows customers to recognize your brand and business.

Enhance Your Customer Engagement

Games and contests are eye-catching and almost everyone engages with them since childhood. Thus, it easily attracts the attention of the audience and engages them within the platform. Many businesses strategically launch contests and games during peak seasons and provide customers with various rewards, discounts, and points to keep up sales momentum and maintain their brand image at the top of the customer’s mind.

Higher Basket Value And Shopping Frequency

Contests and games in loyalty programs can boost revenue by 15 to 25 percent a year by increasing the basket value of your customers. Integrate new rewards into your game and contest before the start of the sale so that it can bring maximum engagement to the audience. This will increase the basket value as well as the shopping frequency of the customers when they save big on previous purchases. You can also increase the shopping frequency by offering a discount on a customer’s favorite product.

Boost Your Customer’s Loyalty

Delivering various rewards and coupons through gamification and polls takes your customer loyalty to a different approach. Integrating games and contests in your loyalty programs help you in maintaining a customer points system and build brand visibility, sales, social media, or other channels of communication. It’s important to have clear goals and guidelines in place when starting a contest to ensure that it meets customer needs and demands.

Novus Loyalty Solution Makes Contests and Games Easy For Your Business

The concept of gamification and contest in eCommerce and various business platforms are building the engagement of the audiences and bringing an approach to maintain customer loyalty. It brings better results in maintaining brand visibility, sales, social media, or other channels of communication.

Novus Loyalty is the best loyalty and reward platform for businesses that makes contests and games easy for your business to host. Integrating the best business loyalty program attracts new customers to your business and keeps them coming back for more. We offer customized loyalty software solutions for businesses with a wide range of games and contests that align with your business goals.

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