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GNC Adds Healthcare Services with Their Loyalty Program – GNC Pro Access

  • Posted on July 25, 2023 by Robert
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In this competitive market, companies across industries are in a race to attract more customers to grow their market presence and sales. Companies are delivering various loyalty programs to customers to keep them engaged while retaining their existing customers. Recently, GNC has launched a healthcare loyalty program “GNC PRO Access” in which they are providing free supplemental healthcare services to members.

About GNC

GNC is the global leader in retail with over 87 years of delivering high-quality, science-based products and healthcare supplements. GNC has a diversified, multi-channel business model with a global presence. The company provides its products and services through company-owned retail locations, domestic and international locations, digital commerce, and strong wholesale and retail partnerships worldwide.

What is GNC Pro Access Loyalty Program?

GNC PRO Access is the GNC reimagined tiered-based loyalty rewards program based on customer feedback that offers a more robust and incentivized experience for customers looking for a one-stop shop for their overall healthcare and wellness goals. In this loyalty program, GNC is offering a range of free healthcare services to members for just $39.99 a year. GNC loyalty rewards program members will be able to make telehealth appointments for urgent care and personal health needs. They can access 40+ generic versions of most urgent care medications and generic health medications.

GNC PRO Access healthcare loyalty program is a convenient way of managing their healthcare needs and access to various services. Let’s see some of the benefits of the GNC Pro Access loyalty program.

1. GNC loyalty rewards program now offers two new tiers- Silver and Gold. It gives an opportunity to loyal customers to level up to higher tiers for more value and greater perks.

2. GNC PRO Access members can receive 10% cash back on every purchase, one free GNC bar or drink with a purchase every month, and the avail of free expedited shipping.

3. Loyal customers who are enrolled in Pro membership can easily access licensed medical professionals and can take personal health appointments. Thus, customers can make an affordable subscription with reduced waiting time for urgent care.

How Much Does It Cost for Loyalty Programs Like- GNC Pro Access

When you have decided to run a loyalty program then you must integrate customer data from every aspect of customer experience. But one critical question that you have is: How much will the loyalty program cost overall with an integrated offering and services like- GNC?

If you feel like the cost is the major factor for integrating a loyalty program for your organization then don’t worry, we at Novus Loyalty have made it possible to provide you with a cost-effective tiered-based loyalty rewards program that aligns with your organizational needs, provides full control over the whole process, and guarantees that the product will reflect your vision.

Novus Professional Plans for enterprises and brands cost around $500/month with one-time setup fees of $10,000. It offers you various rewards customization, third-party integration, APIs, and store management features to deliver outstanding user experience to customers.

Novus Custom Enterprise Plans is developed especially for enterprises looking to deliver exceptional brand value to their customers. Organizations can easily integrate any services like GNC providing healthcare services along with delivering points and rewards to the customers.

Benefits of Integrating Healthcare Services with Loyalty Programs

Integrating healthcare services with loyalty programs has become the latest rage for organizations and businesses across the globe. Many organizations and businesses are considering it as an effective tool to increase their customer base and gain loyalty. It allows you to offer points, vouchers, gift cards, access to special deals, or other enticing rewards to customers, making them choose you over your competitors. Let’s see some of the benefits that it offers to your organization.

1. Lower Cost of Customer Engagement

Engaging customers becomes very easy with the tired-based loyalty reward program. When your customers get to know about the potential benefits of your loyalty programs then they are more likely to enroll in your loyalty program. Thus, it becomes less expensive for the customers to acquire new customers. It is also effective in retaining existing customers and saves you effort and resources compared to finding new ones.

2. Improved Customers Retention

The main goal of integrating healthcare services with your organization’s loyalty program is customer retention. When customers gain health services benefits along with points, incentives, discounts, vouchers, etc. then they are more likely to change their attitudes towards your organization and can aid in enhancing brand perceptions. Thus, they are more willing to return to your business when they need to make a purchase.

3. More Referrals

You win your customers’ loyalty by offering them the potential benefits of healthcare services. They are more likely to recommend your business to their family, friends, and acquaintances. Thus, improve the overall experience of your customers and in turn, gain positive word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

4. Boost Your ROI

Organizations that have integrated loyalty programs with healthcare service offering like- GNC are getting a good return on investment. GNC’s loyalty rewards program is a perfect example for businesses as it can help in retaining your valuable customers and provide ways to keep them engaged for longer durations that ultimately lead to greater ROI.

Transform Your Loyalty Program Like- GNC PRO Access with Novus Loyalty

With the rise in healthcare costs, most customers are opting for healthcare insurance to save the cost during health issues. Many brands and organizations like GNC are integrating free health services with their loyalty programs to attract and engage more customers while boosting their sales. When customers can get free healthcare service while making purchases with a particular brand then they are more likely to shop regularly.

Loyalty programs with healthcare services have become a popular trend among healthcare and fitness brands to offer more than just a loyalty program. At Novus Loyalty, we are always looking for ways to create an easy and more rewarding shopping experience for our customers. If you are looking to offer a more robust and incentivized loyalty program for your customers, then Novus Loyalty can be a one-stop solution to all your loyalty needs. Our tired-based loyalty reward program can be easily integrated with any service like – health services. You can enhance the experience of your customers by adding various levels, points, rewards, badges, etc. for the customers so that they can get more rewards by reaching a higher level or unlocking one after one.

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