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From Nomination to Victory: Novus Loyalty Gets Crowned for its Excellence in Finance at FiNext Dubai

  • Posted on March 5, 2024 by Robert
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excellence in finance

Yet again, it’s a reigning glory for Novus Loyalty for its unwavering commitment to innovation in loyalty management in the finance sector. FiNext conference 2024 was all about recognizing the trailblazers in the fintech domain, and Novus Loyalty stood out in the category of Excellence in finance. FiNext Dubai was held on the 28th and 29th of February to host the leaders from the global financial sector, allowing tech start-ups, SMEs, incumbent tech providers, investors, institutions, and other stakeholders to gather and connect.

Customer loyalty and innovation are directly proportional to business success. Here’s how.

Customer Loyalty in Fintech

Loyalty programs for financial institutions require a delicate balance of experience, relevant expertise, and continuous innovation. In recent years, customer loyalty software solutions have gained massive popularity owing to the benefits they offer. Innovation in loyalty turned out to be a game changer because it has made personalization and advanced analytics a fruitful reality.

Loyalty programs are helping fintech players solve more than just disengagement and attrition.

That’s why Novus Loyalty stands out among all other loyalty management platforms.

The Category, Nomination, and Relevance

Novus Loyalty has been providing SaaS and enterprise-based loyalty management solutions to many fintech players. With a continuous focus on innovation, the solution succeeded in leaving a mark as we served banking brands like IDBI, NPCI, IDFC First, and Equitas Bank.

Novus was nominated for delivering Excellence in Finance—Innovator owing to its high relevance and utility in solving loyalty complexities in the finance sector. It aligned perfectly with the criteria outlined in the award category, as Novus has exhibited a commitment to innovation by incorporating AI into its solutions for prominent banking brands. As a tech-driven company, we have pushed the boundaries and catered to the needs of the industry to a great extent.

And the Award Goes to…

Novus Loyalty for delivering excellence in finance as an innovator.

FiNext Awards 2024 recognized Novus Loyalty’s contribution to the loyalty management space in the fintech industry. As we clinched the award in Dubai, we gear up to leverage the latest technologies in the loyalty ecosystem to revolutionize this space further.

Mr. Deepak Tomar, CEO of Novus Loyalty, attended the FiNext awards in Dubai this February. As a panelist and tech leader, he talked about tech-infused loyalty and the role of innovation in shaping the face of the fintech industry. Interactions with tech leaders from across the globe, pioneering discussions, and massive exposure at FiNext Dubai were invaluable experiences.

What does Novus Loyalty have in the Store for Fintech Businesses?

Novus Loyalty offers end-to-end loyalty management solutions for banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and all other financial institutions. As an AI-powered customer loyalty software solution, we provide personalized platforms to manage rewards, points, campaigns, and much more to accelerate customer spending and build lasting loyalty. There are a lot of compliance and regulatory aspects to look after while designing a loyalty solution for fintech businesses. Our omnichannel loyalty programs, campaign management, and expertise in rolling transaction-based rewards differentiate us from others who are offering generic loyalty management platforms.

Here are the top features of our SaaS and enterprise-based loyalty solutions.

· Real-time Points Earning

It allows your customers to earn and redeem rewards instantly with an API-driven solution, ensuring seamless integration with channels and external systems.

· Partner Portal for Order Fulfillment

Businesses can track and fulfill customer orders efficiently by integrating with relevant supplier partners through our CRM system.

· Multiple Loyalty Schema Support

As a striving fintech business, you can run multiple loyalty programs concurrently, catering to different customer segments, all within a single server.

· Self-Service Portal Support

You can offer your customers a user-friendly dashboard for seamless point management and purchases across devices.

Look at its distinctive benefits to customers and your business.

Benefits for Customers Benefits for Financial Institutions 
Tailored communications, offers, and deals based on purchasing patterns and lifestyle. Tailored communications and engagement strategies to retain customers and foster long-term loyalty. 
VIP perks and exclusive benefits from partner brands, enhance the overall customer experience. Emotional connections with customers through personalized communication and engagement initiatives. 
Redemption of reward points instantly, with a wide range of redemption options available. An omnichannel approach and direct marketing capabilities to lower customer acquisition costs. 
Meaningful interactions that go beyond transactions, fostering a deeper connection with your financial institution. Referral benefits to encourage customers to share positive experiences, boosting brand awareness and ROI. 

Taking the Innovation Further

With FiNext recognizing Novus’s innovative approach to loyalty management, we’re set to take the streak further with our vision for a future loyalty ecosystem. With our AI-driven vision, we are bringing together the potential of innovative technologies like blockchain, machine learning, and generative AI to take customer engagement and experience to another level. Are you a fintech business looking for a highly personalized loyalty solution? Book a demo today to learn what Novus Loyalty can do for your business.

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