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Effective Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Brands on Father’s Day

  • Posted on June 18, 2022 by Robert
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When it comes to giving a gift to your colleagues, friends, or families, many of us find it quite challenging to give something that they will like. As a consumer, there is always pressure to get the right gifts for someone you care about. Similarly, eCommerce brands struggle a lot to meet the needs of intense competition in the market as well as the inability of shoppers to experience the product in real life.

Special occasions like Father’s Day allow eCommerce brands to attract new customers or bring back old ones that haven’t shopped for a long time and build stronger relationships with the customers. Brands must work to deliver an exceptional experience that enables customers to find the perfect item, which will increase the chance of turning both the gift sender and receiver into loyal customers. Before you make use of a reliable loyalty program platform, you need the right set of marketing strategies that will help to make your program a success.

How Can eCommerce Businesses Market Their Service on Father’s Day?

1. Guide Customers to Buy Gifts

One way is to create a guide that helps customers to find what they are looking for without the need of searching for endless products. Customizing products as per customers’ preferences, purchase behavior, etc. to get the right gifts for their dads will boost conversion.

You can create a collection of top-selling products for men; add a filter based on price, interests, personality, or product category, or create gift sets by mixing different items.

2. Encourage Gift Subscriptions

If your eCommerce brand offers products that you can sell as subscriptions for Father’s day, promote them to customers who would love this idea where they can gift their fathers not just once but for many weeks or months.

Whether it’s skincare products or favorite magazine monthly subscriptions, you can promote them as gifts for anyone that would like to shop for dad. Also, add a clear cancellation policy to the gift sender so that they can end it anytime they wish.

3. Win Back Inactive Customers

If you are planning to gain the attention of long-lost customers or the ones that shopped from you last year but haven’t since you can re-engage them by recommending products related to your past purchase history or you can even offer a coupon code, gift card, or a discount to encourage purchase from your brand again.

4. Father’s Day-focused Message Promotions

Another effective way to promote your products or services is to engage shoppers with a relevant message making it relevant to Father’s day. You can include offers and make customers feel like they are getting something special. Add them on website pop-ups with special offers for signup or SMS marketing.

Also, you can make use of exit intent pop-ups to promote father’s day discounts and drive traffic toward your website’s gift guide page.

5. Use emotionally driven social campaign/giveaway

Work on building an emotional connection with shoppers as father’s day is quite special for many of them. Appeal to customers’ emotions around father’s day with customized campaigns made from the heart.

You can do this by adding happy pictures of the father-children duo that uses your products, asking the audience to share pictures with their dads, and using the hashtag to become a part of the giveaway and win a prize.

6. Keep Empathy in Mind while You Market

Though Father’s day is a special occasion to celebrate, it can be quite painful for the ones who have lost their fathers or have a bad relationship with them. Make sure that customers know that you value their reality or condition to help in building brand loyalty and trust.

Give shoppers the option to out-out father’s day campaign anytime they want to avoid getting emails or texts related to father’s day promotion.

7. Gift Cards Promotion

It can be a hard decision for many shoppers to buy something special for their dads especially when they have everything. Gift cards are the best option, as they enable your dad to buy the right gift they need using the value-added gift cards.

Make use of an effective Gift card loyalty program to help your eCommerce brand offer your brand’s gift card and promote them as last-minute Fathers’ day gifts. You can also offer a wide range of gift card options to help shoppers buy quickly just with the tap of their fingertips.

8. Build Urgency around Father’s Day

With supply chain and delivery delay problems impacting both businesses and customers, it can be hard to convince customers to buy early with time-sensitive offers and promotions for fathers’ day gifts.

To help your customers get their gifts delivered on time, let them know early about the last day to purchase for on-time delivery. You can also offer 2X loyalty points for a certain period related to Father’s Day purchases or limited-time offers for early purchases.

9. Add Genuine Customers’ Reviews

Giving something that your dad will value can be a hard decision. For instance, buying clothes can be tough without proper size details, skin type, personality, etc. Customers who are new to your brand can start building trust after reading the reviews and feedback of existing /old customers.

Take time to collect positive feedback with information like product size, quality, delivery, etc. which are essential to guide new customers in making their purchases. Add your reviews on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and anywhere else to boost your brand discovery rate. Also, you can encourage customers to share photos/videos in their reviews to help new shoppers visualize the products in real life.

Closing Statement

Hopefully, you must have got an idea of how customers can get attracted to your eCommerce brand with the help of the right marketing tactics like timely SMS campaigns, custom loyalty programs, genuine reviews/feedback, etc. If your customer loyalty drops due to any reason, offer them your brand-customized gift cards to encourage them to come back and start shopping with you again.

Make use of Novus Loyalty, an all-in-one customer loyalty software to help your brand come up with the best rewards that your customers will value and increase the retention rate to a huge extent. Father’s Day is a special occasion for many and considering gift cards as a reward option can be a great alternative to bring back not just old customers but attract new ones. For any queries related to the development of a gift card, point-based, or referral loyalty program, Connect with our experts and strengthen customer relationships for enhanced customer loyalty experiences.

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