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Dive into the Newly Launched American Airlines Business Loyalty Program

  • Posted on October 28, 2023 by Robert
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Business Loyalty Program

The airline industry has grown rapidly over the years and more customers are looking forward to loyalty programs that offer rewards that are relevant and valuable. Though loyalty programs can be a great help in fostering customer loyalty, it is essential to keep in mind some of the main aspects before investing in a loyalty platform. Here, we are going to learn about the renowned name in the airline sector, American Airlines, and its newly launched loyalty program.

If you are planning to build a loyalty solution similar to the new American Airlines loyalty program, you have come to the right place. Let’s explore how American Airlines is transforming the traveler’s experience with its new business loyalty program.

Everything You Need to Know About AAdvantage Business Program

To maximize the travel experience for businesses, American Airlines, the largest airline in the world has come up with an opportunity for travelers to earn airline elite status faster through their newly launched AAdvantage loyalty program. With this program, travelers can collect Loyalty Points apart from the regular earning rate for being an AAdvantage program member. Businesses can earn AAdvantage miles that can be redeemed easily for employee travel.

The Loyalty Program by American Airlines is open to all United States and Canadian businesses with at least five employees. The best thing about this program is that it is free to join and works in conjunction with the personal AAdvantage program. This enables individuals to earn miles along with loyalty points on qualifying travel purchases based on their AAdvantage program status level.

If you are wondering how you can enroll in this program, we will help you with that! Any businesses of varying sizes who apply for the CitiBusiness/ AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard on or after October 16, 2023, will get AAdvantage Business as a complimentary gift. The existing cardmembers can get enrolled in the AAdvantage business at a later date.

How to Earn and Redeem with the AAdvantage Business Program?

As stated by Scott Laurence, American Airlines Senior Vice President of Partnerships, “American Airlines has built something no one else offers as we want to focus on rewarding both the companies doing business with us and the travellers who’s flying in the airplane seat. It’s a win-win situation for both sides. We have come up with a simple loyalty program design that goes above and beyond in delivering specific rewards and tools that benefit everyone.”

Earning Options for AAdvantage Business Loyalty Program Members

When we talk about the earnings through this loyalty program, we help businesses earn 1 AAdvantage mile with every $1 spent that meets specific business travel purchases. In turn, the company can redeem the earned miles on any of their future trips. In addition to that, employees can earn an additional 1 Loyalty Point with every $1 spent along with the usual benefit of 5 AAdvantage miles and 1 Loyalty Point per $1 from their personal AAdvantage membership.

Not just that, the American Airlines Business loyalty program offers huge benefits to many cardholders. Eligible American Airlines business credit card members can earn additional miles and Loyalty Points. New CitiBusiness/ AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard cardmembers can earn 5 miles and 3 Loyalty Points with every $1 spent, and businesses will earn 3 miles with every $1 spent.

Redemption Options for AAdvantage Business Loyalty Program Members

AAdvantage Business program members can easily redeem their points for the following business trips such as American Airlines-based flights, Admirals Club lounges, Hotels, Car rentals, and other experiences for employees. This program allows businesses to transfer their earned miles to registered travelers. However, to avail of these extra business travel perks, each traveler needs to enroll themselves in the personal AAdvantage loyalty program.

AAdvantage Program vs. AAdvantage Business Program

If we talk about the AAdvantage Program, businesses don’t earn a thing while travelers get to earn 5 miles with every $1 spent on eligible American Airlines flights and 1 loyalty point per eligible mile.

AAdvantage Business Program on the other hand enables businesses to earn 1 mile per $1 spent on the traveler’s flights and travelers earn 1 loyalty point with every $1 spent on eligible flights along with usual earnings from the AAdvantage program.

Another program is CitiBusiness/AAdvantage Platinum Select where businesses earn a total of 3 miles and travelers earn 5 miles and 3 loyalty points altogether.

The only condition of using the AAdvantage Business program is that businesses must have a minimum of 5 registered travelers and spend $5000 on American Airlines flights within 12 months of the period to redeem their miles. For business travelers, their account must meet the minimum activity threshold to earn program loyalty points on company travel.

American Airlines will be replacing their old program Business Extra with AAdvantage Business they have stated that the official retirement date for Business Extra is December 15, 2023, and program members must redeem their points earned through Business Extra before

Jan 31, 2024. They also added that members can convert Business Extra points to AAdvantage miles at the 1:6 ratio. Once members sign up on AAdvantage, they will stop earning points with their Business Extra accounts.

The best thing about the AAdvantage Business program is that it aims to simplify its approach by targeting small businesses as well as big brands offering the benefits of both redeemable AAdvantage miles for travel and loyalty points in one program.

Closing Statement

As we can see the AAdvantage Business Loyalty program is quite appealing for business travelers, it will surely help them maximize as American Airlines offers a wide range of domestic and foreign flight options. This program launch is all set to make business travel easy as it will help workers maximize their time away from home with great opportunities.

You can also build a reliable business loyalty program with the help of Novus, an all-in-one Travel Loyalty Software Solution that has years of expertise in building dedicated loyalty solutions for the travel and hospitality sector. Connect with our experts to build tailor-made solutions that can enhance the loyalty experience for business travelers.

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