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Delightful Ways to Surprise Customers with Birthday Rewards

  • Posted on February 5, 2022 by Robert
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There’s no doubt on the fact that customers simply love rewards. Delivering the best suited customer experience is the leading aspect of running any business and the most impactful way to retain customers in the long run. Rewarding customers on their special occasions is also a great way to keep customers glued to a brand and Birthday Rewards are one the best way to get customers feel valued and special.

Birthday reward programs are a thoughtful way to reflect brand’s gesture of letting the customers feel extra special. These are small gestures which help in increasing customer’s lifetime value. So, does that relates anything from personalization or just a random birthday reward can make customers admire the brand? The answer depends on the brand strategy though but, it’s always better to get a personalized approach rather than sending out random rewards. According to a study by Experian’s survey, the personalized mails generate over 324 percent more sales than normal promotional emails. Also, a simple personalized birthday mail along with a surprise gift can increase the transaction rate by around 481 percent.

What are the benefits of introducing Birthday Rewards?

Customers are always seeking their value in a business. They enjoy the smallest of gestures that make then feel valued, appreciated and of course special. So talking about the birthday reward programs, they seem the best possible option to make customers feel valued amongst the others in the list who’re just regular shoppers. So, why exactly are these birthday rewards such an imperative aspect? Here are a few factors to consider –

  • Develops a feeling of appreciation and value

Customers simply love being recognized and valued. Here rewards and small gifts play a vital role in enhancing customer business relationships. Rewarding customers on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc. create a positive impact on building a better approach towards a brand and staying connected for long.

  • Enhance your Loyalty Program

Customers are required to be assured for having a seamless shopping experience from beginning to the end. Though it is surely a never ending process that is required to b achieved consistently. Customer birthday programs comes with personalized emails which can be an authentic way to attract more customers.

  • Boost Retention

As discussed earlier, rewarding customers on their special occasions will largely contribute in customer retention as the data states over 84 percent of customers are more likely to stay with a brand who is opting for a better customer centric approach and goes an extra mile to surprise customers and make them feel valued enough!

  • Fuel Sales and Revenue

Collectively, the entire process helps in increasing the sales and revenue! So, birthday rewards are not just excellent in customer retention and contributes heaps in increasing brand credibility but also greatly helps in boosting sales and revenue. According to a research by Frederick Reichheld states that an increase in retention rate upto just 5 percent has the potential of positively impacting revenues by around 25 to 95 percent.

What are the best ways to surprise your customers with Birthday Rewards?

There’s always a better way to surprise customers and make them stick to your brand! Here are five best birthday reward surprise options to delight your customers –

  • Personalized Gifts

Everything seems better when its relevant and that’s how creativity works! If your business is already having a loyalty reward program, then customers are quite used to getting rewards, discounts and vouchers but when you’re willing to surprise your customers with special perks on the occasion of birthday or anniversary, it’s imperative to ensure that the rewards offered are personalized enough, else it won’t make much sense in the emotional perspective.

  • Kickstart a Reward Campaign

Exclusive campaigns is a great way to engage customers and flourish their bond in the long run. But, it does include a lot of research in the background. It requires heavy data tracking and comes with absolutely no assurance that if it work exactly how its planned! Here, brands can introduce a personalized reward campaign for a set of customers who have their birthdays in same month.

  • Build an Emotional Bond with Customers

Often overlooked but building an emotional bond is the most imperative aspect of any business. For instance, some businesses send extra gifts and handwritten notes to make customers feel special. Beautifully packed products or a personalized touch can make customers stay with your brand for long.

  • Try Experiential Rewards

Willing to give your customers an all-exclusive experience on their birthday? It’s best to invest in experiential rewards. Send brand invitations to them for your upcoming events in the luxury hotels and give them a chance to meet their celebrity crush or a personality they would surely like to see.

  • Make Rewards part of your Loyalty Program

If you think that the exclusivity should continue for long then try adding the same in your loyalty program. You can add the extension in your existing loyalty program. Mention the same in your brand’s website but do not leak out what’s your rewards will be, this makes a suspense running around and excites customers.

Wrapping Up

Birthday rewards can be anything from extra points, discount vouchers, coupons, offers, exclusive deals, invites to presales or pretty much anything you’re willing to offer to your customers! Some of the leading brands are already running smart birthday rewards for their customers wherein they offer them great discounts and deals and make them feel extra special! Brands like Sephora, Starbucks , Walmart and many more are already on the way to give in some lucrative rewards. Don’t hesitate to start with your birthday rewards program or add in to your existing loyalty program as well.

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