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Celebrating Women: Loyalty Campaigns for International Women’s Day

  • Posted on March 6, 2024 by Robert
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Loyalty Campaigns for International Women's Day

As International Women’s Day is around the corner, people across the globe are coming together to celebrate women’s rights, equality as well as their achievements. This is an ideal opportunity for your business to launch unique seasonal campaigns and empower your female customers like never before.

To emphasize your commitment to women’s rights and achievements, you can showcase your support for women through online giveaways, contests, or well-executed promotions. By using a Women’s Day Loyalty Program, you can generate additional revenue while celebrating and supporting women. Let’s discuss how to make your customers feel appreciated with exclusive promotions and Loyalty Campaigns for International Women’s Day.

1. Offer Freebies for Every purchase within a Specific Period

One of the most effective ways to build traffic on your website, app, or business store is to offer free goodies to your customers with the purchase of a minimum amount. For instance, you can plan a campaign especially for women like a free make-up product, a drink, etc. on the occasion of Women’s Day.

However, it is important to ensure that you are relevant and know about your customers’ favourite or preferred items to build meaningful connections. If you choose the right gift, customers will feel grateful for the kind gesture even if the gift is a small one.

2. Make a Customized Landing Page for the Occasion

Another idea is to create a dedicated landing page that pays extra attention to the product selection. For example, you can consider product categories that your women customers are attracted to and offer promotions or coupon codes on this specific product group.

One way is to display limited-edition products for this special day on the landing page, which will help in acquiring new members as website visitors enter contact details to grab the special offers.

3. Create Unique Women’s Day Strategies

To show that your business cares about women’s issues, you can be creative and run meaningful loyalty campaigns that your lady customers will remember.

For instance, Lyft came out with the Women’s Day campaign in 2019 that works throughout the whole week and offers a $10 discount to all their passengers who visit women-owned businesses, statues, monuments & museums associated with women’s rights and fights.

4. Exclusive Coupon Code for Women’s Day

Another way to make your woman customers feel special on International Women’s Day is to make a personalized code that will be sent to all of them. This code could offer a percentage off or extra cash on their next purchase during the week.

Many brands like Sephora or Sigma Beauty offer special discount codes for Women’s Day every year. They send out these special codes, recruit new customers, and encourage cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

5. Free Trial of Newly Launched Products or Services

If you have recently introduced a new product or service, you may want to consider offering it for free during a limited period to women, allowing them to test it out.

Keep in mind that this strategy works best when your business is confident in the quality of the product or service being offered, as it can make a lasting impression on potential customers.

6. Plan Giveaways on the website & In-store

Another idea is organizing a giveaway event to celebrate International Women’s Day. Interested participants will need to purchase a certain amount of items from your business and leave a comment on the giveaway post on your social media page with the phrase “International Women’s Day”.

Make use of a randomizer app to choose a winner and send them the prize. You could also ask the winner to share a picture of the prize on their social media page and, with their permission, you could repost it on your page.

7. Let Women Enjoy Free Meals

To make it special for your female customers, you can make engaging Loyalty Campaigns for International Women’s Day, offering them free meal vouchers. For instance, the Ritz-Carlton in Dubai marks Women’s Day every March by laying out a red carpet exclusively for their female customers. Guests can bring along a female companion with whom they can enjoy complimentary afternoon tea.

You could implement a similar strategy by offering free meal vouchers to one woman per table or even coming up with social media contests where women can win a limited number of complimentary meals.

8. Implement Buy One Get One

The renowned beauty brand, Huda Beauty, launched a new lipstick collection on last year’s International Women’s Day, offering a buy one get one free deal on all shades from the new line. This deal proved to be successful in attracting a large number of women customers, as it’s widely believed that a woman can never have too many lipsticks!

This month, your business can plan similar buy-one-get-one-free deals for your customers on specific products. You can offer a free second item if they bring along a female friend, making the deal even more exciting!

9. Add Gamification for Enhanced Engagement

Another idea is to implement fun games to engage women on your social media pages and app.

All they need to do is spin the wheel or scratch a card and they get a chance to win a gift or discount. This helps your business in attracting new members, thereby driving conversion.

After going through the ideas stated above, you can plan customized loyalty strategies for the coming International Women’s Day and help your business gain immense benefits. Ensure that you take the help of experts from reliable Customer Loyalty Program Software who can guide you in incorporating the best marketing strategies to cater to evolving customers’ needs and business goals.

Final Statement

Though there are infinite ways to market your business on International Women’s Day, it is important to note that it is not just about offers and promotions but it’s about showing your appreciation for women in the right ways. Ensure that you check out the points stated above to get an idea of how you can offer Personalised Rewards For Women and make them feel empowered.

If you are planning to run exclusive campaigns for the coming Women’s Day, you can connect with the experts of Novus loyalty who can guide you with the best Loyalty Campaigns for International Women’s Day & ideas to help your business engage better with your customers. Book a demo with Novus to help your business celebrate women and earn extra revenues simultaneously this Women’s Day.

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