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All You Need To Know About Barbie Signature Digital Membership Loyalty Program

  • Posted on August 27, 2023 by Robert
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Southern Californian toy company Mattel, Inc. Introduced Barbara Millicent Roberts’s fashionista doll better known as “Barbie” 60 years ago and it is still ruling the hearts of both kids and adults. Mattel Inc. recently launched a dedicated Barbie loyalty program to the Barbie franchise known as “Barbie Signature Digital Membership” to deliver special privileges and access to exclusive dolls to the registered members. In this blog, we will explore the glamorous world of the Barbie loyalty program.

Mattel has designed the Barbie Signature Membership loyalty program with the collector cult in mind so that even a less fanatical Barbie enthusiast can be attracted to the attractive dolls and adopt a collector mania to collect all the dolls first. Becoming a part of the Barbie fan club doesn’t come for free. It is a globally accessible program with an annual paid membership of US $9.99.

Offerings and Benefits of The Barbie Membership Loyalty Program

You will receive VIP treatment when you become a Barbie Signature member with extra high-end benefits. Let’s see the potential benefits and offerings of Barbie membership loyalty programs for VIP customers.

1. Exclusive Items for Members Only

Mattel’s membership loyalty program provides exclusive access to members-only dolls to expand their collection of dolls. Their loyalty programs target potential customers and encourage your collection with unique products available only to VIP members.

2. Priority Sale Access

Barbie’s loyalty program delivers the best opportunity to purchase during select offers. Registered members can enjoy early access to public sales and can purchase the latest dolls at a discounted price before they go live for normal people.

3. Voting Privileges to VIP Members

Join the Barbie subscription loyalty program platform and you will be a part of crowdsourcing fun and can also take part in the voting for the design of new dolls.

4. Access to Confidential Content

Access to confidential content is a strategy employed in Barbie membership loyalty programs to engage and retain their members. It creates a sense of exclusivity and builds a stronger connection with their community. This involves offering special or restricted content such as the latest members-only news, previews, and interviews.

5. Join Exclusive Private Forums

Private forums are online discussion platforms or communities that are only available for Barbie-registered members. It offers a space for members to engage in focused, often more intimate discussions on topics and interests. Thus, you can view and respond to messages and insider information restricted to members.

6. Member Experiences

In the vibrant world of collectibles and enthusiast communities, the concept of “Member Experiences” makes the Barbie loyalty program a special significance. It delivers unique and personalized interactions with Barbie designers, enjoy exclusive convention perks, and more.

How The Barbie Loyalty Program is Missing the Mark

1. Barbie Loyalty Programs Lacks a Dedicated Page and App

Mattel’s approach to its loyalty program lacks a dedicated membership page and mobile app. The site lacks a central page that would serve as a hub for easy access to all VIP privileges. However, it also does not offer a dedicated smartphone app that would allow members to interact with the program while on the go.

Design your loyalty programs with dedicated pages and apps because they open up new touchpoints with customers. It is an easy way to identify customers during in-store purchases and brands can use their apps to send push notifications too.

2. No Free or Trial Versions

The Barbie Signature membership is a subscription-based loyalty program in which members opt-in by paying the membership fee. Thus, they receive instant and unlimited access to all available benefits. Access is granted to a variety of content and activities only after purchasing the Barbie Signature membership.

3. No Rewards Upon Joining

Providing extra perks and benefits adds more loyal customers to your loyalty programs. When running a paid subscription loyalty program platform, Mattel should consider giving customers a valuable one-time reward upon joining, coupons, or gifts.

4. No Tiers and Point Earning Systems

Barbie subscription loyalty program platform, being a privilege-centric subscription program does not have tires and point-earning systems to reward their members. It only provides access to all available benefits when a customer pays to enter the nature of the membership.

How Novus Loyalty Can Overcome the Missing Mark of The Barbie Loyalty Program

The Barbie Signature membership loyalty program is an excellent example of a VIP treatment and special privileges loyalty program for members. On the other hand, there are many aspects where the reward experience is lacking when compared to other loyalty programs. It lacks a dedicated membership page or a smartphone app, several features, and many elements of a comprehensive loyalty program that can sustain and extend the engagement of the customers. In a nutshell, the Barbie loyalty program leaves numerous opportunities to engage and retain its valuable members.

We at Novus Loyalty can help by incorporating many unique features that can enhance the engagement of the audiences. Integrating a membership program with special privileges like early access, special offers, and perks nurtures attachment that fosters brand advocacy.

If you want to create a loyalty program that stands out with its rewards and aligns with your brand reputation, then contact us directly or request a proposal so that we can deliver you the best solution.

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