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10 Best Australian Loyalty Programs That Work Wonders

  • Posted on September 8, 2022 by Robert
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Australian Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are gaining huge popularity for several businesses across the world and are no longer restricted to big players in the market. Small startups and local businesses are also making use of loyalty programs to increase retention and revenue. Irrespective of what industry you belong to, brands across the globe are adopting new loyalty programs and revamping their existing ones to provide better value to customers and gain maximum business outcomes.

Talking about the Australian loyalty market, it has grown tremendously over the years by around 12%. One of the main reasons for this increasing demand is the higher success rate of loyalty programs in retaining customers. More than 12.2 million customers in Australia make purchases just to earn rewards, which shows the popularity of loyalty programs. In this blog, we will find out about the best Australian Loyalty Programs that are highly successful in the market today!

10 Successful Examples of Loyalty Programs in Australia

1. Coles Flybuys

Flybuys is a popular Australian loyalty program that works in affiliation with Coles and partners like Virgin Airlines, Wesfarmers & others. Making use of a Customer Points System, the members earn points every time they shop at Coles and 2X points when they shop at partner stores. These points can later be redeemed for offers, cash rewards & transfer to velocity points.

Coles Flybuys program has a list of partners (Liquorland, Coles supermarket, Citi, Coles Insurance, Kmart, Target, etc.), which makes earning & redeeming points easy for members. It is free to join, gives assured points on every purchase, bonus points for buying exclusive products, and redeem points for Flybuys dollars.

2. Qantas Frequent Flyer

One of the most popular airlines in Australia, Qantas has a very interesting loyalty program that offers benefits and perks to its frequent flyers where members earn points for booking flight tickets and shopping at partnered stores. Points earned here can be redeemed on future flight bookings and hotel stays.

Partnered with brands like Accor, Air France, Airbnb, Hilton, Budget, Qantas Transfers, etc., the Qantas program has 5 tiers- Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Platinum One where customers get better rewards with higher tiers as they spend more. Only members that get access to priority boarding and status-only lounge access are the ones in the Platinum one-tier.

Program joining charge is $99.50 and members earn from 800 to 1400 points for flight bookings & get $20 coupons for every 100 points.

3. Accor All Loyalty Program

Loved by Australian people for its amazing services & exceptional rewards, Accor bought many hotel brands like Fairmont, Mantra, Movenpick, SBE, etc., enabling them to increase their reach & offer better incentives to customers. The newly revamped loyalty program – Accor Live Limitless is becoming a popular one where members unlock several benefits at any listed hotel on joining its membership.

Some of the brands that are partnered with Accor All are Qantas Airlines, Qatar Airways, Eurostar, Hertz, Delsey, Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, etc. This program is best for regular travelers where they can enjoy higher benefits with tiers (classic, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond). Members get 3 points for every dollar they spent, 10% off on hotel bookings, and customized perks with every tier upgrade.

4. Woolworths Loyalty Program

Also known as Everyday rewards, it is becoming quite popular in Australia though it faced some massive backlash in 2017. With updates that focused on a data-driven & personalized model of rewarding, members now earn points on shopping at Woolworths, BWS online & any other Woolworths partners (BWS, Big W, Bupa, Caltex, Qantas, etc.)

Simple to ask and earn, this program enables members to exchange earned points for monetary rewards if they reach 2000 points and members can also get 10 points for every dollar they spend. Apart from earning at partnered stores, members get 10% off for grocery shopping every month.

5. Myer One

Another loyalty program is Myer One which enables members to earn credits with every purchase at their departmental stores where they get 2% of their purchase value. With three tiers, members use the Myers One reward card for payment and tracking loyalty points. They can also use a dedicated app to keep updated on their next earnings.

Partnered with brands like Hertz, Europcar, Hello world, Star Mart, etc., Myers One has 3 tiers and members get special rewards on occasions like birthdays, 2 credits for each dollar spent, and get $10 reward coupon on every earning of 1000 credits. The earnings can be spent on the purchase and transferred to a digital wallet.

6. Katies Style Rewards

With over 150 stores in Australia, Katies clothing brand is loved by many and its rewards program enables members to get access to the latest fashion, season items & special events. This doesn’t come with a membership card, rather customers get a membership number through which they can track points. Though points earned by Katies Style Rewards cannot be redeemed for cash, they can be used for purchases at any Katies store or website.

During registration of the program, members get $10 off on their first purchase and they can easily scan membership numbers to track their earnings and use them at stores. Members can earn coupons of up to $50 at a single time and these coupons are printed with shopping receipts in the stores instead of digital vouchers. They earn 1 point/dollar spent and get a $5 reward when they earn 100 points in-store.

7. The Coffee Club

One of the biggest coffee chains in Australia, The Coffee Club has 400+ stores across the world and has a loyal customer base of 40mn+. The cost of membership in VIP Club is $25 per year but it offers the best deals if you are a regular customer. The loyalty program members offer Buy One Get One free deal on all hot drinks, free upgrades, and 10% off on foods on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

VIP Club members get 3 coffees for signing up on the membership program and earn $1 for every $10 spent by scanning loyalty cards. They not only have access to members-only benefits but also get the best offers and giveaways, and a delightful menu with personalized rewards.

Closing Statement

It is evident from the above content that brands are moving towards the adoption of highly effective loyalty programs for their businesses. Not just on the development of loyalty programs from scratch, brands are interested in updating their existing programs, and some even embraced partnerships with different brands to offer multiple rewards. This clearly shows the constant need for brands to keep themselves updated and meet the changing market trends and customer behavior.

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