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  • Posted on March 23, 2021
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Industry Retail
Genre Departmental Store
Brand Website https://www.easyday.in
Loyalty Program Website https://www.easyday.in/join-the-club/
Overall Score 8 out of 10
Location 600


Really a great program for all the people that shop all the grocery and food items on a regular basis. It offers all the basic home needs & products from various brands at very reasonable prices. Using the card, one can easily shop all the products and get 10% off on everything for one year. By paying a minimal annual membership fee of Rs999, shoppers can enjoy amazing discounts along with WhatsApp shopping and free home delivery. Only negative point is the membership card doesn’t have lifetime validity and is valid for only one year.

Company Introduction

Easyday is an Indian retail brand running chains of consumer retail supermarkets and convenience stores since 2008. There are around 600 stores powerfully spread in 117 cities across India that sells food and grocery items along with products for home, personal care, health and beauty, kitchen essentials and stationery.

Rewards Program

The loyalty program for Easy day users is called “Easy Day Club” that can be used in all the outlets of Easy day in India. The program offers Easyday club membership card with the cost of Rs1000 to users where they can avail 10% off on all the products of all brands. It also offers free home delivery, WhatsApp shopping, 1-year validity of membership and a goody bag worth Rs500 and coupons worth Rs500 on joining this membership.


One can easily enrol for an Easyday club membership card by visiting at any nearby Easyday store in your neighbourhood or at the official website https://www.easyday.in/


Very simple, the cashier at the counter will ask you some basic information like phone number, name and email ID. You will be asked to pay annual fees of Rs999 and card will be given to you that comes with immense benefits.


Visit the official site www.easyday.in for a step-by-step approach, click on ‘become a member’ option and select the nearby store of Easyday. After that fill the form and make the payment charges to get the card delivered at home.

Message Update

There is a proper validation of the details submitted by the users provided during the registration of the easy day club membership card. You will receive a message when the registration is successfully done on the registered mobile number. Additionally, there is also an update on every purchase you have done in the stores of Easy day using the membership card

Staff Behaviour

The team of the Easy day store I visited was great and helpful in choosing the products from my favourite brands. While making payment, the person at the counter informed the benefits of using the membership card and how can I avail the discount of 10% on all the items I purchased from any Easy day stores.

Program Benefits

After successful registration of Easy day membership card, one will become a part of an exclusive club and the Easy Day Community. User can avail savings of Rs.5000 ++ on becoming a member in the form of 10% extra discount on products. Apart from this, there are benefits of home delivery facility, WhatsApp shopping, direct contact with the Club manager, and many more. As an inaugural member, you will also get a bag of goodies worth Rs500 and coupons worth Rs500 on becoming the member of Easy day along with all these benefits. All you need to do is make the membership fee of Rs.999. Even if you forget the card at home, you can still avail the discount using the registered mobile number at the time of billing.

Program Benefit

Type Description Verdict
Discount 10% Off on all purchases Great program for saving money and useful for regular buyers
Flexibility Avail the discount using the registered mobile number at the time of billing without card Very convenient as it enables users to avail discount using mobile number as well
Welcome Reward A bag of goodies worth Rs500 and coupons worth Rs500 Awesome inaugural member reward on joining the Easy Day Club
Birthday Occasional Reward NA -
Other Benefits Free Home Delivery WhatsApp shopping 1Year Valid These are great advantages and allow huge savings
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