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6 Secrets to Craft Irresistible & Catchy Loyalty Program Names

  • Posted on May 22, 2024 by Robert
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It’s been truly said that first impression is the last impression, which is why, one should never underestimate the value of a good first impression. With a tremendous number of loyalty programs available in the market, it can be difficult to stand out. Talking about these loyalty programs, the first impression often lies within the rewards program’s name.

Though putting the right elements that are most important to your business is essential, we will discuss some of the best strategies to consider when choosing your loyalty program name, along with examples of companies that have successfully used them. Ensure that you work with a reliable Loyalty Solution Provider that can take your loyalty program to new heights of success with a beautifully crafted name.

How to Choose the Apt Name for Your Loyalty Program?

Before you turn your loyalty program ideas live with great names, you must consider a few aspects such as brand values like who you are and what solutions you offer, and make all of your reward, point, and tier names align with your brand image. Additionally, you must also know your audience and gather feedback to unlock customer insights.

Don’t forget to pay attention to local customs and relevancy if you are planning to build a multi-country loyalty program. With thorough market and competitor research, make sure that you build your loyalty program after checking out what your competitors are offering.

Best Tips for Naming Loyalty Programs for Your Business

Without wasting further time, let’s check out the best tips to keep in mind while naming your loyalty programs-

· Stick to Brand Values

Always make sure that the loyalty program you are building reflects your brand proposition and cannot be disassociated from it. Give focus on emphasizing and highlighting what you have to offer, your brand philosophy, values, and your audience’s common interests.

Ensure that the loyalty tiers are even named to reflect the brand’s commitment. In short, it is important to always keep your brand rooted in mind while naming your loyalty program. For instance, if sustainability is your passion, make sure that it shows accurately in the program.

· Make It Simple

Another important aspect is to choose a straightforward program name without using any difficult words. The name must be easy to remember by your customers and make sure that it associates well with your core offerings, which is a valuable benefit. Some of the common words that are used for loyalty programs are club, rewards, circle, etc.

For instance, if you are selling one specific product or a category, the brand can include flagship products in the loyalty program name. This approach is quite common in sectors like food and beverage, jewelry, fashion and sports brands.

· Make the Name Aspirational

The main motive of a loyalty program is conveying the message to customers that they are getting more or going farther. This logic works best in finance sectors and in airline or fuel retail programs where brands can play with words like fast, speed, distance, fuel, etc.

One example is the Speedy Rewards Club Structure which showcases the speed at which customers usually visit gas stations while highlighting the reason why people should visit more often and unlock benefits. Make your loyalty program name aspirational or use aspirational language throughout the membership site and promotional copy.

· Connect with Customers’ Passion

Another aspect is to name the loyalty programs in a way that connects with the customer’s passion. Whether it’s about self-care or infused with charitable actions, many companies use this tactic for pet products, beauty items, athleisure wear, and more.

One such brand example is Sephora’s Beauty Insider Loyalty Program, which reflects true exclusivity not just in name but in action by offering exclusive benefits and special VIP discounts to beauty community members. If your business revolves around a passion, which can be a love for fashion, obsession with sport, or interest in investments, ensure that it shows in your loyalty program name.

· Exclusivity Vs. Inclusivity

Ensure that you choose your brain values carefully before naming your loyalty program. For example, if your brand has always emphasized community and inclusiveness, you must avoid using terminology that shows your loyalty program is only meant for privileged members. However, highlighting exclusivity works well when we talk about businesses belonging to the world of luxury.

One example is Global Poin Indonesia’s (GPI) program called the GetPlus coalition loyalty program which offers several amazing perks to all members like a wide range of benefits, mobile-first, and accessibility. This shows how a well-executed inclusive loyalty program must work. A few words that are associated with exclusivity are Insider, VIP, etc. while words that convey inclusive messages are community, family, etc.

· Showcase Rewards in Name

One thing that is important to make your loyalty program work successfully is choosing an amazing selection of rewards and highlighting them in their right way by giving the program a name that implies members. Suppose your loyalty program is offering points, consider adding words like gifts, rewards, perks or selection to the name as the rewards and benefits play a huge role in driving the success of the loyalty program.

One example is Treasure, which was built by Homesense and TK Maxx. This loyalty program name suggests a surprising reward while infusing a sense of adventure with collectible elements in the program called keys. By earning more keys, members will get themselves exciting new rewards.

Key Takeaways

As we learn about the essence of naming your program the right way, we must know how it can also help in telling customers what you do & showcasing the benefits of your program. Make sure that you go through the tips stated above before you invest your time and energy in finding the most accurate loyalty program name.

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