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4th of July Marketing Ideas & Loyalty Campaigns to Spark Sales

  • Posted on June 28, 2024 by Robert
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Check out our blog to find out the list of the best marketing ideas and loyalty campaigns that your business can use for upcoming 4th of July promotions.

As American Independence Day is coming near, businesses are taking the opportunity to market their brands’ offerings and services with amazing marketing tactics and loyalty campaigns. 4th of July promotions enable brands to kick off the festivities and grab the opportunity to drive summer sales as more than 87% of consumers plan to celebrate it.

If you are looking for marketing strategies and loyalty campaigns to engage your audience and boost sales, you are at the right place! With one of the biggest summer holidays falling on a Thursday this year, many consumers are more likely to celebrate the weekend after with activities like cookouts, community celebrations, fireworks, and travel.

In this blog, we have curated a list of the best Customer loyalty ideas for 4th of July that you can use for your business startups and enterprises.

Reasons Why 4th of July Marketing Matters So Much for Businesses

4th of July is one of the biggest holidays in America and serves as a major holiday shopping event. Records say that customers spent $9.5Bn on Independence Day in 2023, which is higher than in 2022. This clearly shows that the spending on Independence Day 2024 will also rise undoubtedly. Here are the reasons why brands plan their 4th of July marketing campaigns and drive revenue:

  • Higher Consumer Spend

Consumers in holiday mode not only splurge on food and beverages for their celebrations but also take advantage of super-saving deals on electronics, clothing, home goods and others.

  • Start Summer Sales

The 4th of July serves as the perfect time to start summer sales giving local business owners a chance to promote summer deals and boost mid-year sales.

  • Boost Brand Recall

Thanks to the patriotic theme of the 4th of July that helps brands showcase American heritage. One idea is to use ‘Made in the USA’ as a selling point to build recall in consumers’ minds.

  • Attract with Enticing Deals

Brands must take advantage of 4th of July campaigns to come up with exciting deals that will engage and encourage customers to spend more during holidays as most of them are in celebratory mode during this time.

Things to Keep in Mind While Planning Campaigns for the 4th of July

As we are approaching the biggest summer holiday in America i.e. the 4th of July, brands should gear up to delight customers and boost sales with amazing campaigns.

1. Offer Freebies

One of the best ways to enhance the shopping experience for customers is to offer something for free. Some of the best ways are one-day free shipping services on all orders, free product samples on orders, B1G1 offers, etc. A loyalty program for small business can be created to offer member-only benefits like free shipping, discounted rates, etc.

2. Sign Up Rewards

Another way to gain customers’ attention is to launch special offers for new customers who sign up during this period. For instance, Bobo’s, the baked goods brand came up with a promotion that allows customers to stock up on snacks for the 4th of July ensuring that no one missed out on limited sales. New subscribers will gain early access to the sale in exchange for sign-up & will get a customized welcome message with a discount code to shop snacks for the holiday.

3. Go for a Patriotic Theme

Ignite the spirit of Independence Day with product lines adorned with iconic American symbols by embracing the red, white and blue theme. You can do so by incorporating stars, stripes or American landmarks into your designs like patriotic phone cases, statement tees, etc. If your brand offerings cannot embrace this strategy, go for bundles that complement popular 4th of July festivities like an exclusive set of grilling tools, picnic blanket and more.

4. Promote Summer-Ready Products

Ensure that you showcase products and offerings that customers can enjoy over the summer and make them the main focus of your 4th of July marketing campaigns. Whether it’s summer tees, summer vacation-ready travel sets or sustainably-made trolley combos, make sure to encourage customers to unleash their summer vacation mindset with curated pairings and capture their attention.

5. Offers on New Subscriptions

Another smart strategy is to encourage subscription sign-ups, which will enable brands to drive immediate sales as well as foster long-term customer loyalty through built-in repeat orders. A brand called Peet’s Coffee came up with a subscription sale for the 4th of July limited period to encourage their coffee-lover fans to get discounts on their first three subscription orders along with subscriber perks like free shipping and access to exclusive offerings.

Loyalty Program Types to Consider for Holiday Campaigns

Here are the most common loyalty program types that you can consider to figure out the right program for your business’s holiday campaigns.

1. Points Loyalty Program

These programs enable customers to earn points on customer spend. Businesses can offer such programs with double points earnings during holidays.

2. Cashback Loyalty Program

Such programs offer customers a certain amount back in cash or coupons that can be used exclusively at the retailer. Extra cashback with additional discounts can be offered during sales.

3. Tiered Loyalty Program

They offer different rewards based on milestones that members achieve over time. Brands offer exclusive rewards like free shipping, early access to sales, etc to members at higher tiers.

4. Subscription-based Program

Another type of program is subscription-based where customers pay an amount for additional benefits. Run a special subscription program that allows new subscribers to gain early access to sales by signing up during holiday promotions.

Final Takeaways

After going through the blog, it is quite clear that holidays serve as a great way to ignite business sales & attract customers who are looking out for great deals from their favourite brands. Novus is an all-in-one loyalty program software that offers a wide range of loyalty campaigns that can be customized to meet specific business needs.

Unlock the power of tailored loyalty programs to meet the demand spike during the 4th of July holidays with Novus’s loyalty services. Connect with our loyalty experts to learn how we can drive business value for your business and drive revenue with enticing 4th of July marketing ideas.

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